• Mr. Mohamad Chalhoub

    Mr. Mohamad Chalhoub

    General Director

  • Dr. Mohamad Hamdan

    Dr. Mohamad Hamdan

    Academic Consultant

  • Mrs. Raghida Jaber

    Mrs. Raghida Jaber

    Elementary Academic Director

  • Mrs. Nada Chehab

    Mrs. Nada Chehab

    Financial Manager

  • Mrs. Ghina Shami

    Mrs. Ghina Shami

    Pre School Academic Director

  • Mrs. Ghada Kaissi

    Mrs. Ghada Kaissi

    H.R. & Personnel Manager

  • Mrs. Rula Ghibril

    Mrs. Rula Ghibril

    Administration Coordinator and Student Affairs Advisor

  • Mrs. Alissar Abo Shakra

    Mrs. Alissar Abo Shakra

    Administrative Governmental Affairs

  • Mrs. Elissar Alameh

    Mrs. Elissar Alameh

    Administrative Affairs

  • Mr. Ahmad Kassab

    Mr. Ahmad Kassab

    Accountant & Personnel Assistant

  • Mrs. Nour Mubarak

    Mrs. Nour Mubarak

    Accountant & H.R. Assistant

  • Mrs. Jamal Yassine

    Mrs. Jamal Yassine

    Purchasing Coordinator

  • Mr. Hassan Yamout

    Mr. Hassan Yamout

    Senior System Administrator

  • Mr. Mohamad Ismail

    Mr. Mohamad Ismail

    General Supervisor

  • Mrs. Lina Bou Barakeh

    Mrs. Lina Bou Barakeh

    Floor Supervisor - Secondary

  • Mrs. Dania Slim

    Mrs. Dania Slim

    Floor Supervisor - Secondary

  • Mrs. Nisreen Jalloul

    Mrs. Nisreen Jalloul

    Floor Supervisor - Elementary

  • Mrs. Darine Noureddine

    Mrs. Darine Noureddine

    Elementary Counselor

  • Mrs. Heba Saleh

    Mrs. Heba Saleh


  • Mrs. Safa Zein

    Mrs. Safa Zein

    Floor Supervisor - Elementary

  • Mr. Wassim El Masri

    Mr. Wassim El Masri

    Students' Activity Organizer

  • Mrs. Mariam Fakih

    Mrs. Mariam Fakih

    Print Room Officer

  • Mrs. Zeina Rihan

    Mrs. Zeina Rihan

    Registered Nurse

  • Mrs. Manal Kreidieh

    Mrs. Manal Kreidieh

    Store Keeper

  • Mrs. Salma Karaki

    Mrs. Salma Karaki


Dear Parents,
On the occasion of Eid El Fotor, remote learning will be suspended on Friday, May 22, and will resume on Wednesday, May 27 till Friday May 29, through Online Agenda and Zoom classes, for teachers to finalize the school year.

Based on the recommendation of the Minister of Education, all students will be promoted to the next class.

N.B: Grade 11 (scientific) students should come to school for classification (LS-GS-ES) at Mr. Ismail’s office on the following dates between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.
Section A: Wednesday, May 27.
Section B: Thursday, May 28.

We also remind you that the school administration is available daily from 9:00 am till 1:30 pm.

عيد فطر سعيد وكل عام وأنتم بخير