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About Us

About Us

Rawdah High School, established in 1961, is recognized as a premier institution, consistently named one of the top schools in Lebanon. RHS has earned its reputation by creating pioneering and innovative educational opportunities for the students.


A pioneer international school that brings inspiration to all children and prepares them for the real world.


The mission of Rawdah High School is to instill in its students the skills needed for outstanding academic achievements and the virtues necessary for them to become noble and responsible leaders in society. We aspire for our students to be enthused, life-long learners who are excited by what they learn and use their knowledge, ingenuity, moral values and critical thinking to ultimately become responsible and commendable citizens. RHS students will be ambassadors for worldwide tolerance, prosperity and education.


Rawdah High School offers a balanced curricular and extracurricular program that reflects the most current practices in international education. At the school we provide a challenging learning environment that focuses on developing critical thinking throughout the entire learning process. RHS uses a rigorous follow-up system to regularly supervise all aspects of student development. In addition to the high level of education the students attain at RHS, they are offered an opportunity to be actively involved in a wide range of activities, social events and trips.


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